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Intriga matrimonială

Intriga matrimonială - Jeffrey Eugenides I've waited so much for this book, and i felt such joy by reading it that i feel a bit like a traitor for not rating it a 5 star book. I've realised only at the end of it that i'm not content with the density of the characters. There are only three main characters, so why not give them your best? Madeleine got the smallest span of attention, and she was depicted only superficially; we weren't allowed into her depth. Mitchell got the most complex characterization, and he was also the one that has actually grown up during the book. Both Leonard and Mitchell were interesting characters because they were vastly explained throughout their life experience, their choices and feelings being precisely described, whereas Madeleine seemed to live whatever life threw at her. As a woman , i am a bit disappointed. As a reader, i can only be grateful for this wonderful book, not so much for the story (i don't think the writer is the kind that tells good stories) but for the art of narrating it. Even for that only, the book would be simply worth it, as Eugenides always is!
On the other hand, most people won't like the part that ressembles a college lecture because they're just not interested in semiotics. But it's a shame, because it kind of comes with the teritory, when you love books you ought to get yourself mixed into some theory, critique and what not.