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Chaos: The Making of a New Science
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Julian Barnes

Monştri invizibili

Monştri invizibili - Chuck Palahniuk, Mircea Pricăjan I've been reading a lot of beauty-related books lately, but none in the Palahniuk style. He always puts it so bluntly: you are not a perfect and unique snowflake.
What i liked were the cliches that made so much sense within the story. You are what you eat, and when you eat mashed food it means you're pulverised. When you eat junk food or some of those pre-cooked meals you find in supermarkets...you're a joke. We are all jokes but it helps to be shaken once in a while, even if via words and not real, honest-to-God slaps.

Give me a slap to reality.
Give me stupid, empty, first world problems like ooo, i'm too pretty to be interesting.
Give the whole, uncensored definition of felching.
I think that pretty much says it all.
I put it in the Recommendable, it's actually highly recommendable even if the shocking violence of words that characterises Palahniuk isn't for everybody.