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Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James I wish I could give it only one star but I can't say I didn't like it at all. If I wouldn't have liked it, I wouldn't have finished it, but I did, and now I feel as guilty as one would feel after a five day journey into junk food.
The writing is bad, it's actually very, very bad. Just what you'd expect from fan fiction. It's weird, though, that there are actually parts when the book is entertaining - those would be the linguistic quarrels between the two - but they don't last for long. The problem with the book is that it's so simple, it's so clearly just an unrealistic fantasy of the author, that it's embarrassing, really. It's more embarrassing that a 22 year old girl thinks, speaks and acts like she's from another time period, and I'm not talking about her assuming the language of classic damsels from the books she reads. I'm talking about saying the "Oh sh*t!" and "Oh f**k!" all the time, like she's a twelve year old suddenly finding the power of forbidden words. Really, is this how people believe we 20-somethings talk?
Also, everybody has respiratory problems in this book. They gasp and they gape, and frankly it's just unhealthy for one to stay with their mouth open all the time.