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The Magus - John Fowles I don't know where i stand with this book. Altough i liked it's way of always reinventing the story (you can never get bored with this kind of plot), there's only so far i can go. I find that leaving the end open doesn't help, because after a 600+ pages affair, you want to know where you're left.
The plot was interesting, but not very hard for anyone with some basic Psychology knowledge and some intolerance to spirituality.
What baffles me is the choice to make Urfe a central character: he annoyed the hell out of me. It's rarely that i find such an immature character, insecure, hedonistic and plainly childish. ALL of the other characters were more interesting than him (well, except for Mitford). I agreed completely with the psychological evaluation that they made for him at the trial.
All in all, it has been an interesting experience, but not one worth the fuss that everybody creates around this novel. It might have been spectacular at it's release, but a few decades and some "Eyes wide shut"-type movies later, it ain't that interesting anymore.